Hype is a small, Warsaw-based creative hub and design studio. We may be ‘small’. still, the ‘big’ clients love to cooperate with us.

We operate worldwide and to do the ‘big things’. Fortunately, thanks to our devotion & experience, with great results.

Our commitment to work is unquestionable. Because when you love what you do and you know how to do it, your score becomes outstanding.

Selected Clients

Visa, Lexus. Insight Guides, Sony, Spotify, Nestle, Pracuj.pl, Autodesk, Spook, Orange, ABSL, Alfa Romeo, Pixomondo, Operon, ACME Studio, UpBonus, TheZouk, Locman Italy, Porsche, People of Lava, Electrolux, Netto, Hykker

We offer tailor-made creative solutions including:

art direction

graphic design



web design

…many more

We are very busy at the moment
and not taking any new projects.

In case you still want to talk call or email
Michal Ptasznik at +48 510 610 941 michal@thisishype.net

ul. Barcicka 45/1, 01-839 Warszawa
tel. +48 510 610 941 e: hello@hype.rocks